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Jodies courses

Pet owner course

This course is aimed at pet owners wishing to learn to groom their own dog or at those wanting an insight into dog grooming before embarking on a longer course. You will learn how to groom your own dog from start to finish and for future students it will give you the chance to see how our salon and courses are run and if grooming is the right career for you. All grooming equipment required will be provided.

What you'll learn on your one day dog grooming course General introduction to dog grooming and why it's important

An overview of the different types of coats Bathing

what products you use, why you use them and what techniques are used
Drying and brushing techniques
Understanding nails and clipping
Hygienic cleaning

The importance of anal gland expression

Introduction to grooming equipment Basic clipper techniques Demonstration of shaping techniques using clippers and scissors 

Course held on a Saturday

(£100 non-refundable deposit)


10 day course

This course is aimed at those wishing to pursue a professional career in dog grooming and will give you the skills required and plenty of hands-on experience with a wide variety of breeds.

10 days – This covers health and safety, animal welfare, ear and nail care, bathing, and drying.

This course gives you the skills and knowledge to be able to successfully prepare a range of dogs.
You will learn how to clip and trim a dog, and how to safely handle the dogs in your care.
This course allows you to learn, practice and become a dog groomer using different techniques for, body, feet, tail and head shapes and styles, and a whole lot more.

On completion of the respective 10 day course for dog groomers, you will receive the Jodies Groom Room Certificate of Achievements.

Course Times: -9.30 until we finish, normally around 15:00-17.00 (Monday - friday)

(£500 non-refundable deposit)


15 day course

This course is a leap up from the 10 day course offering further practical and hands on skill practice.

 You will learn preparation of dog’s coat including bathing, drying, de-matting and brushing ready for styling

You will have a chance to style and finish to a high standard a large variety of breeds of dogs

You will learn all different coat types and will be confident to deliver styling as requested by pet owners

You will learn different grooming techniques including clipping and scissoring

You will be encouraged to make your own decisions in assessing the dog and the work that is required which will include the tools and skills used to complete the style required/requested

You will learn how to handle a dog in a dog grooming environment

You will learn how to clean and maintain equipment used for grooming

On completion of the respective 15 day course for dog groomers, you will receive the Jodies Groom Room Dog Certificate of Achievements.

 Course Times: -9.30 until we finish, normally around 15:00-17.00 (Monday - friday) 
(£500 non-refundable deposit)


Student Accommodation 

Self contained apartment at unbeatable student discount price between €200/300 per week depending on what time of the year you book and what size property you want.


What my trainees thought about my course

I have now finished a course with Jodie and it was so incredibly enjoyable!  I came all the way from Norway to take the course and it was absolutely worth it!  with jodie we get hands on experience from day one!  also it doesn't hurt that jodie is pretty funny!  it felt like hanging out with a friend every day, not like a course!  but I learned an incredible amount and feel ready to take on the world with my new skills🤩

From Norway

I recently completed my 3 week course with Jodie and it was great. I was able to practice on multiple breeds of dogs with Jodie’s help and eventually by the last week on my own. She is very knowledgeable, easy to get on with and is there to help even after your course, just at the end of the phone. I can’t wait to set up my own shop and I can’t thank Jodie enough for all of her help!😊

From Mallorca

Can't recommend these courses highly enough. Practical and hands on from day one with excellent theoretical discussions each day. Thorough and well planned. New skills are introduced in a progressive manner with plenty of practical sessions to master them. Jodie is supportive and encouraging whilst instilling the need for good practice and high standards in all areas. It was very intensive and hard work but I enjoyed every minute Thank you Jodie.

Lyndsey M
from Portugal

I came from Iceland to do the 3 week course at Jodie’s groom room. I learnt so much during these weeks as I had no previous experience and got to groom many dogs of different breeds with the help of Jodie. Jodie has so much knowledge in dog grooming and is very fun to be around. I had the best time ever!!

From Iceland

I trained with Jodie's Groom Room & Teeth Cleaning for three weeks April 2023. Jodie is an amazing teacher and groomer. Jodie is patient and thorough with her trainees. She has really given me the confidence I needed to be a Groomer! I also had an amazing time with Jodie in the Groom Room! ❤️ she is an amazing caring person that lights up a room! Truly a wonderful 3 weeks!!! I highly recommend Jodie! 10 out of 10

Jill k 
From Germany

I can’t thank you enough Jodie for making my time in Spain the most memorable and fun time ever and making me feel so at home! The people I met were amazing never mind all the super special dogs (so many breeds 😳) and I am so grateful to consider you both a friend and mentor 🩵

South Africa

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed it so much! And it was so nice meeting you! ♥️ See you. Love, Gro

From Norway

I thoroughly enjoyed my 10 days at Groom Room Training where we covered both practical and health related aspects of grooming. Jodie is an excellent teacher. She lined up a comprehensive list of dogs of various breeds for us to work on, ensuring intense yet satisfying days. I have gained tremendous insights and confidence, and I have lost my fear of cutting nails! I am moving back to Canada and looking forward to opening my own dog grooming studio. Thank you Jodie. 

Nancy G
From Germany

Excellent teacher, so many breeds to train on. i was going to do a 6 month course in Norway, but have learnt so much here for a fraction of the cost, and have no doubts about my future.

From Norway

This was the best few weeks ever, big THANKYOU to you jodie, had the best laughs and amazing duets

Sherry F
From Spain

Well what can I say. Jodie was absolutely fabulous and anyone thinking of a proffesion in dog grooming should definitely go with Jodie. She explains everything and you are very hands on from the start. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all she has taught me and for her patience and knowledge. She is truly one in a Million xxx

Jane G
From Spain

I completed my grooming course with Jodie in February and it was the best.  Jodie is very friendly and knowledgeable. She is encouraging throughout the course and lets you be very hands on. We had a variety of dog breeds and covered a lot of different techniques. Even though the course is now over, Jodie has continued to support me. Thank you so much.

Fern R
From Spain

The most amazing tutor inspiring with how she grooms dogs and her knowledge on all breeds is just immense. I now feel so much more confident and actually believe in myself which is all down to Jodies tutoring, she really is amazing and I'm so grateful for how patient you were throughout the whole course. If anyone is looking to become a groomer I can highly Jodie is so talented and recommend Jodie as a tutor

Kirsty B
From Spain

For many years I wanted to change profession, from a hairdresser to dog groomer, and after being in contact with Jodies dog groom room I booked the course. Can honestly say lots of hands on experience from day 1 technical skills, dog handling. Jodie explains everything in detail and is a fabulous patient tutor. Would reccomend to anyone looking to train as a dog groomer. 

Wendy G
From Spain

Kelly R-J

highly recommend this course to anyone interested in working with dogs of all breeds. It's very interesting, informative and covers all aspects of dog grooming. It's a hard work hands on practical course, which is very enjoyable and rewarding. Jodie is very knowledgeable and patient in her teaching and experience and a excellent dog groomer! 🙂👍 

Ciera M Spain
From Spain

I recently finished my 3 week intensive course with Jodie, I really enjoyed it and I loved that it was very hands on and working with just Jodie not knowing what dog was coming in from one day to the next, there was a few surprises a long the way but never a dull moment 🙂 I loved every minute and Jodie gave me alot of confidence and encouragement every day I was there. Thanks again Jodie for your trust in me 🙂 and sharing your extensive knowledge and your huge passion for dog grooming. I have learnt so much in the 3 weeks working with you. 


I would highly recommend Jodies training course. She covered all aspects of grooming on a wide range of breeds in a hands on and closely supervised environment. Jodie is a wonderful teacher..she is patient and encouraging and made the entire experience so much fun!. 

Lyndsey G.
From Spain

“Completing my training at Jodie’s Groom Room was such a brilliant way to learn about all the different breeds and styles, with a hands on approach where you're learning in a grooming salon setting, as opposed to out of a book. Jodie is friendly, professional and made learning easy and fun! I don't feel I would have got as much practical experience anywhere else and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to train as a dog groomer.”

Rhiane D.
From Spain

Trained with Jodie a couple of years ago. Hands on experience from day one, on all breeds., learning all different types of cuts. Highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to make dog grooming their profession.

Sharon T.
From Spain

I did a three weeks grooming course with Jodie and really loved it. She is an amazing teacher and I learned so much. From day one you get a lot of practical experience as well as theoretical background knowledge. As you are taught directly in her very well-functioning salon and can work with her, you get valuable professional information as well as advice on how to organise a business. I was able to start working immediately after I completed my course. I highly recommend her!!!

Alke Mallorca

For Icelandic women who decided to learn dog grooming I found Jode😁 and I don't regret it because she is a great teacher for all big and small things there I didn’t know how to do 😁and these weeks has went by very quickly and I will recommend you to everyone , thank you so much for the time 🥰🥰 

Jonina Iceland

To everyone who wants to get into the grooming business: You've come to the right place!!! As always, I had my doubts beforehand - because you are often overwhelmed with theory and in the end you haven't really learned much. So on the first day of the course I actually packed a writing pad and pen and prepared myself for a few dry theory lessons...😂 Instead: After the warm welcome - immediately put on your apron and let's go...🥳 Jodie introduces you to grooming step by step, I learned a lot of new things every day! I also thought it was great that you got to work with different breeds of dogs every day. You can work very independently but of course Jodie always keeps an eye on her charges and puppies. She explains everything necessary at the same time and answers all questions very patiently. For me personally, a dream has come true: With the skills I learned in the 3-week course, I was able to immediately become self-employed as a groomer! To this day, Jodie is always there for me, no matter how much stress she has on site! If I have any problems or questions, she always answers me immediately! If I could give 10 points, she would absolutely deserve it!! Thank you, dear Jodie, for the great time with you and for always being there to advise me...🥰

Jeanette Mallorca

I have recently completed a three week course with Jodie at the Groom Room in Spain. Having had a rotten experience completing a boat licence in altea recently I was reeaaallly nervous about being totally reliant upon one person to help me learn a new trade in what could have been a long three weeks. The absolute truth is that I never wanted it to end. I have fallen in love with Dog Grooming. Much like you tend to enjoy the subjects in school that have the coolest teachers? I had the most gifted dog groomer as a teacher, her knowledge and the way she glides through a beautiful groom left me wanting to replicate it every time. But what made me wana stay longer was that she made me feel really comfortable and confident in grooming. I knew I was ready when she told me and that she had the knowledge to help if I made a boo-boo. She never raised her voice once and was happy to reconfirm information as much as I needed. Dont attend Jodie’s course if… You have a disposition to fun. You don’t love dogs. You don’t love singing whilst grooming. You don’t like laughing. You don’t love dipping celery into things never made for celery. But mostly… Do attend her course if… You have a desire to be an excellent dog groomer. You want to learn from a fantastic natural trainer. You want to get a six pack from laughing too much. Loved it. And miss it already 

Neil Alicante

I contacted Jodie after I bought a grooming salon and needed a proper training to be able to have my own salon going smoothly and get the confidence when grooming on my own. I am so happy that I jumped on this course, she is a really good teacher and so easy to get on with. I gained my confidence and I came home so ready to get back to business. Even after the course she is always happy to answer and help. Recommend 100%

Hildur Iceland

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