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7" Straight

The high quality of Japanese steel 440C is adopted to make it corrosion-resistant, thus prolonging the service life of the blade and keeping it sharp. This unique pair of scissors is designed to perform very good cutting work. Because the scissors are extremely sharp, the details are clear and clean. Scissors are ergonomically designed and fit perfectly in the hand. It is easy to operate, and your hands will not feel tired because of the light weight of scissors. A pair of scissors suitable for experienced and critical scissors. Especially in precision machining, large surface and shape cutting. Sharp blades ensure precision and are very suitable for fine work. They are very suitable for handling large surfaces and shaping jackets according to your creative vision. The efficiency of these scissors helps to reduce cutting time and minimize finishing work.

6.5" Straight

Asian fusion scissors are ultra-light, flexible and sharp. Straight blade design, made of high quality 440C steel, durable, suitable for novices or experienced beauticians. These scissors are usually used for basic trimming and shaping of pet fur. They are especially effective for cutting straight lines, creating blunt edges and trimming areas such as face, feet and tail. The straight blades of these beauty scissors make them very suitable for thick and rough hair that is common in many dog breeds. They can also be used for thinner hair types, although they may not be as effective as other types of beauty scissors (such as thinning scissors). Generally speaking, direct cutting Asian beauty scissors are an essential tool for any pet beautician who works with dogs that need regular grooming. They provide precise tailoring and are ideal for creating clean lines and sharp edges on pets‘ fur.

6.5" Curved

6.5-inch Asian fusion shears, the curvature is about 25 degrees, the blades are made of the highest quality Japanese 440c steel, equipped with ultra-light balanced purple aluminum handles and golden steel finger rests, which can be adjusted to four positions or completely disassembled brand tension screws. Each pair of scissors is hand-finished, and has a professional convex edge with precise cutting, which keeps sharp for a longer time than most beauty scissors. Let our stylists freely and easily create beautiful, refreshing and accurate shapes.

6.5" Straight Thinner

The ergonomic design is made of Japanese 440c stainless steel, which is very suitable for creating soft mixed finishes and trimming fluffy hair tails. It can easily cut round and soft shapes. This pair of scissors is very sharp, with 36 teeth, and the design pays attention to lasting sharpness. It has been carefully developed to ensure long-term clarity. This makes it a highly reliable tool that can provide accurate cutting again and again. It won‘t get stuck in fur, but it can provide beautiful and even tailoring.

7" curved Thinner

The 7-inch 46-tooth arc cutter, the smooth tooth cutter, is ergonomically designed for absolute comfort, reducing fatigue on the wrist, hand and arm. What sets it apart from other ordinary thinners is the combination of lightweight with strength and precision. The 440c hardened lightweight steel is designed for smooth cutting. The double finger holder on the Y-shaped handle can realize the flip function of bending up and down, and can cut fur very accurately, and serious beauticians must have scissors. Its forgiving lines are also a beginner‘s aid.

7.5" Curved Chunker

This exquisite light and curved 24-tooth texture dog grooming scissors is ergonomically designed, light and super comfortable. This dog grooming scissors is very suitable for creating a soft texture for properly prepared fur. Made of high-quality Japanese 440c stainless steel and equipped with detachable finger rest, the dog grooming scissors can maintain the correct tension and keep its sharpness for a long time.

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Codos Cordless Hair Clipper

Designed for professional stylists. Its cutting edge technology features a titanium coated blades, with automatic 4-steps motorised blade length adjuster and digital RPM control system that makes it a perfect tools for an artistic hair cut. It is equipped with a 1000mAh Li-ion battery that can last for 250 minutes usage with just 3-hours charge.

Codos Clipper Replacement Blade

Titanium coated stainless steel blade.